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May 11, 2019 @ 7:16 am

Evidence Supporting Marijuana Intake Should Be Abolished

The question of whether to allow people to take marijuana freely or burn the use of the plant. There are few states that have already allowed people to take cannabis freely.On the contrary some states believe that cannabis is very beneficial for healthy living. There has been an endless argument about the topic with each states having their own opinion about the issue. Consumption of marijuana is associated with various side effects.

There are many reasons why marijuana should not be legalized, The drug is considered as a hard drug. There are various studies that have been carried out on marijuana and their finding is that marijuana has good health impacts on the consumers. There are also other studies that verify that marijuana does not have health benefits. The other negative result of cannabis is that they make people climb up the ladder and start taking hard drugs. The reason, why cannabis is known to pave the way for other drugs, is that it sold along with these other hard drugs. The drug has the same effect with the other drugs. An aspect that makes some countries refuse to accept the drug because it is taken through smoking. Breathing in smoke for a long time can cause unhealthy conditioning. Taking marijuana for a long time can cause diseases like too much soot on the chest.

Just like other drugs cannabis makes people unable to stop. Any drug that causes addiction is not safe. It makes people unable to do anything without the drugs. Cannabis use can cause mental health disorders. Marijuana has THC components that cause people to feel high. If taken in excessive amount the drug can lead to severe psychosis and even other mental disorders like schizophrenia. It can also lead to other health issues like hallucinations. The reason, why cannabis use is not legalized, is because it enhances the growth of crime. This is complete evidence that the drug alters with one’s brain. The fact is that the drug gives these criminals the guts and the strength to engage in these activities. The last reason is because cannabis use s not accepted by the law. The state cannot make something good to be illegal. Considering the government has to reject taxes from the cannabis. This is enough evidence to show that cannabis intake is not right to the body. The governments have to regulate the law and ensure there is no sale of cannabis though it’s challenging through online dispensary.

The above points explain why cannabis consumption is not healthy. Even though the drug has been legalized in some countries. The issue has remained as fallacies that do not have proves.

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